Our Story


In 1991, a trio of friends and business partners, Steve Coster, Colleen Garrigan and Roy Diblik discovered a 10-acre farmstead tucked away in the rolling hills of southeastern Wisconsin. By combining their talents and maintaining the spirit and character of the farm, they knew that they had the opportunity to create something uniquely different.

roy-diblik-u30789-frROY DIBLIK
Is a recognized perennial plant expert, grower, designer, speaker and author. Combining his 35 years of knowledge growing traditional and Midwest native perennials, he specializes in highly aesthetic, sustainable plant communities for all seasons, while reducing maintenance through design. He believes that gardens should be thoughtful, ecologically directed, emotionally outreaching and yet very personal. 

Though we lost Steve in August of 2019 his spirit is preserved here at Northwind.

You can find him in every turn of a footpath and as the light skims a stone wall in the early morning light.

Stop, be still, breathe…

Be open to all of the beauty that surrounds you in your moments here at Northwind as that’s exactly as Steve intended.

Steve helped to shape the lasting beauty of our farm and along the way he also created unique, personal landscapes for many of our treasured clients.

The essence of Northwind will always express his joy and love to be outdoors and to create beautiful, timeless spaces.


Runs the garden shop and her artistic flair is demonstrated in every corner of Northwind.  Her keen eye for selecting the beautiful and unique planters, fountains, wrought-iron pieces and other garden art sold in the shop and her talent for displaying these pieces will delight and inspire you.