Care and Maintenance

Choosing a landscape design company that knows how to care for and maintain perennials, trees and shrubs is as important as a beautiful design and healthy plant material. Steve Coster and Roy Diblik each have 35 years of experience growing and caring for the perennials, trees and shrubs that they install. They know the cultural requirements for healthy plants because they have been caring for the plants in the gardens and greenhouses at Northwind since 1991. They each brought 10 years of experience working for other growers and landscape companies when they founded Northwind. It was, in part, some of the planting and garden care practices that they observed during these 10 years that inspired them to create Northwind Perennial Farm and the Know Maintenance Approach™ to gardening.

In addition to our design services, Northwind provides on-going garden care services such as spring and fall clean-ups and garden enhancements for special occasions. We also have a floral designer who can create custom container plantings for your residence or business.



Simply using the Dutch Push Hoe allows you to hoe at a very fast pace without bending over. You remain upright, moving through the garden at a reasonable and less tiring pace. We hoe approximately 1,000 square feet in about 100 minutes, 4 – 5 times per season. Once every 2 weeks beginning in mid -April ending in mid-June. By the first part of June the planting has developed into a closed community, where there is little sunlight hitting the soil. This leaves little opportunity for agricultural weeds to germinate. The perennials are now working for you, limiting space for agricultural weeds to live by.
In July and August we practice what Roy has termed “Observational Weeding”. We simply weed by hand, pulling larger weeds, mostly foxtail, prickly lettuce and chickweed that we may have missed with the Dutch push hoe earlier in the season.