We create nature-inspired gardens composed of durable perennials that contribute to their own health using the Know Maintenance™ Approach. This perennial planting method aims to minimize your labor and to maximize the enjoyment of your garden. Our landscape designs combine ecology-driven planting methods, engaging garden styles, regionally dependable perennials, and thoughtful maintenance plans. Northwind creates garden compositions that have artistic value, season-long moments of color, and diverse textures.


Learn how the Know Maintenance™ Approach can benefit your residential landscape. Our landscape designer will meet with you to discuss your landscape project. They will gather input and help prioritize your landscape design goals and objectives. The designer will take information gathered at the initial site visit and use it to solve functional problems and generate design ideas for your space. They can also answer specific questions about plant identification, pruning, plant recommendations, drainage etc.

The demonstration gardens at Northwind are a tremendous resource. The designer will invite you to Northwind Perennial Farm to view proposed plant material in our gardens. During this meeting you can walk the grounds and see proposed trees, shrubs and perennials that will be installed at your residence. Feel free to view samples of landscape design sketches/designs in the Residential Design Gallery.


All plants have lived healthy lives in the close, intermingled company of other plants. Only in our traditional horticultural practice have plants been placed 2 feet from each other and surrounded by wood. We combine plants based on their growth habit and cultural requirements. With this practice, the plants live well from year to year and contribute to their own health and success.

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