Hardscape Gallery

Steve Coster, co-owner of Northwind Perennial Farm, runs the Landscape Design Department. He grew up fishing the creeks and rivers of Illinois; walking mile after mile, watching the currents moving around and over the natural rock bottoms and small stream courses as Mother Nature sculpted the scenery. When you look at a Northwind landscape design, you will see the important influence that these naturally sculpted lines have on his work. The bluffs and outcroppings along these rivers and streams also influence his choice of hardscape materials. The stone walls, patios, paths, driveways and water features created by Northwind are almost exclusively built using natural stone products. He prefers using regional materials, however, some Eastern Appalachian influence has been incorporated into certain projects. Steve’s hope is that any hardscape feature that Northwind builds for you will appear to have been created naturally. When you combine this nature-inspired approach to hardscape with the trademarked ‘Know Maintenance Approach’ to planting healthy communities of perennials, trees and shrubs; you will understand why a Northwind designed landscape is unparalleled in its beauty.