Roy Diblik is a recognized perennial plant expert, grower, designer, speaker and author. Combining his 35 years of knowledge growing traditional and Midwest native perennials, he specializes in highly aesthetic, sustainable plant communities for all seasons, while reducing maintenance through design. He believes that gardens should be thoughtful, ecologically directed, emotionally outreaching and yet very personal. Roy can be contacted by email at

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Roy is planting and showing the value of Carex in sun and shade gardens. Carex is a genus of plants with a similar appearance to grass, it has a soft appearance and texture, and diverse, small, floating flowers in May and June. It is a very durable, adaptable plant that enhances the health of the entire plant community. One way to use Carex is in a mixed community as a living mulch. Cut it back every spring with a mulching mower. By replacing the yearly use and accumulation of wood-chips, Carex provides a true cost savings and enhances the beauty of a garden.

The future of our gardens is not the traditional practices of one process used for all plantings. When we are thoughtful, patient and use our knowledge of other components, the new gardens will be healthier, plant driven and beautiful. Sometimes products, machines, and technology can not compensate for thoughtful care.

If you would like to know more about Carex and community plantings, please contact Roy at

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