Retail is open for the 2021 Growing Season.

Reminder all online plant orders must be picked up from the farm. No orders can be shipped. We look forward to seeing you.                                                                               

Thank you to all of our thoughtful customers!

Northwind Perennial Farm’s Online Store

What to do:

  • Pick Your Plant
  • Choose Your Size – Most plants only available in Gallons, you may click other sizes to see stock
  • Choose your Quantity – Height/Width info available on Each Product Page
  • Purchase Your Plants
  • Most orders available within 24-48 Hours
  • You will Receive Notification When Order is Available and when you can come to Farm for Pickup
  • Pickup Hours Will Be Monday – Friday 10:00am – 3:00pm

Please Watch Video Below for Ordering/Pick-up Instructions



We WIl Be Opening Early May For The 2020 Growing Season. Northwind Perennial Farm is located just north of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin on an early 1900s farmstead. Founded in 1991, we specialize in growing regionally hardy perennials, offer landscape design services and our unique garden shop is filled with art, garden accents and home décor. Visit Northwind and explore the lush serene display gardens, benefit from our cutting edge plant knowledge and leave with flourishing plants and rare finds.